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teaching chewing Lock Rss

my 14mth girl has only just started eating lumps in her food. she also used to refuse everything but fruit. i have only now been able to get her to eat meat and vegies if its smaller than a pea. she wont chew on anything she just swallows it whole. ive tried to encourage chewing on rusks and she doesnt like them, she will munch on her toys but never food. is there a way that i can teach her how to chew. i heard that speach is prolonged if the child cant master the use of the mouth, which may explain why she doesn't say much. only daddabubba ramblings. does anyone have any advice? I would love her to progress to finger food!
i would also love her to be able to say mamma clearly, but she teases me and says dadda, never saying mama. how can i convince her its not a game and im the mamma?

heidi, sa, baby girl 29/10/02

Hi, I dont know about you, but I try to always be eating when Jack does and I wil agsagerate (yes I know I cant spell) my chewing, and he will copy.
Just keep offering rusks maybe pieces of a fruit she likes? She might just surprize you one day.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

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