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hates rice cereal Lock Rss

I have a five month old who has just started solids at the begining she ate her rice cereal but for the last two days she just spits it back out. I gave her some pumpkin and she ate that ok. Is it important for them to eat the rice cereal?
Thanks Ellas mum
Hi Amy,
Have you tried putting apple or pear into the rice cereal, you can either use the tins or stew them yourself (I just use the tins its easier I just use half a tin for one feed and put the other half in a container in the fridge till next morning to use up). My daughter (now 4yrs old) wasn't overly keen on rice cereal but once I added the apple she loved it and stayed on it till about 12mths for her breakfast, also to my son also loves the fruit in with his rice cereal, he is now 13mths old and is still having rice cereal and fruit mixed in usually the tin apples for breakfast as other cereals (ie wheetbix) have flared his eczmea up so I just stick to the rice cereal as he loves it.
Rice Cereal has alot of Iron it in for the babies so its quite good for them, but if they don't like it what do you do? If you haven't tried mixing the apple in give that a try and see if your daughter likes it better.

Hi Amy

They don't have to eat rice cereal. The reason a lot of babies start on it is because it is easily digested - compared to other solid foods - and it is fortified with iron. Other good 'first foods' are apple, pear, pumpkin, avocado, potato, sweet potato. Just make sure you offer just one food at a time for a few days each - to make sure your baby doesn't have any allergic reactions to different foods. I'd suggest talking to your child health nurse for more info - they should be able to give you some info on the current recommendations in regard to starting solids.

Take care
Hi Amy,

My daughter (now 6 months ) hates plain rice cereal. But if I add a bit of pear she will tolerate it. I was advised not to start on the six month food, till she had been on the four month food for a while, as even though she is six months, her body needs to learn to digest the food first, and the four month one is best for that. Anyway, try the pear or apple, and again give it a few days to check their is no reaction. Remember that everytime you introduce something new, it may take a few days for bubs to get used to it. While I'm here, does anyone know the best time to try custard? I can't remember when my first one started. Some brands have from 4 months, and others from 6.
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