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A2 milk.... Lock Rss


has anyone tried that A2 milk that has been advertised on TV?

my daughter is now 13 months old, and on a couple of bottles of cows milk per day - no more formula. I just thought if the A2 milk had more benefits than normal cows milk it could be worth a try.

Just wanted to see if anyone else has tried it.

I am sure it is more expensive than normal cows milk!


Nicki''s Mum, NSW

I haven't even heard of it. So sorry I can't help


hi thsi isnt about a2 milk but i was wondering what age u started your child onto cows milk and how u introduce your child to it. I am 21yrs old with a 11mth old boy and have no clue

Jade(Ryleigh 24/07/2004)

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