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She doesnt like my food Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

This is my first time using the Parents Exchange. I often read it but this time I think I need some help.

My 7 1/2 month old daughter is not eating my food. I am trying all different types of things with vegies and pasta but is she is only willing to eat the food from the cans. That is alright sometimes but I dont want her having that every day. Has anyone got any ideas or experienced the same problem.


Emilys mum.
HI Emily's mum
My 1st child lived of the can foods, she would not eat what I made for her, just wanted the cans she pretty much had these up till 12mths old and then started to try newer things she sometimes would eat some vegies like pumpkin or sweet pototo I had made but I mixed some cheese in with it and then she would eat it but if it didn't have the cheese she wouldnt' eat it, I think those tins are so plain in taste but for some reason my daughter loved them and she still continued to put on weight.
I've had the opposite with my 2nd, he has loved my homecooked meals and hated the cans but now he is 13mths old and has become very fussy and I'm now running out of ideas for him as he seems to have gone off my vegies and the meals I make!

Some babies seem to like the smoothness of canned foods, try to puree your foods the same.
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