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Vegies? Fruit? Lock Rss

Hi everyone. I can't get Char to eat vegies or fruit anymore! She is nine months old now and lives on Multigrain Banana Breakfast Cereal, Pear and Banana Rice Cereal, Cheesesticks, Milk Arrowroot bickies and Banana/Vanilla Custard.
I give her fruit or vegies and she reaches in and scoops it out of her mouth, making a face like it is poison. What should I do?
maybe put it al into shakes. like fruit shakes with her milk. or try putting sauce over it all. like sheese or taomato sauce over the vegis. I know my brother and i ate tomato sauce on almost everything but mum said if i eat my vegis so be it.
for the fruit id try shakes with her milk in it like a smoothie.

mum to bayden 25/02/05

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