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Wont eat anything! Lock Rss

my son is 10 mths old. He has just started becoming super fussy! he has always been a little fussy preferring the sweet foods ( bit like his mum), but now he wont eat anything! wont eat his porridge in the mornign, wont eat lunch, nothing for dinner. I can get a bit of sausage or chicken in and a few pieces of fruit and maybe a piece of toast but thats it! is he just being OVERLY independent? He wont eat anything from a spoon! home cooked or canned?
Got any advice?
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Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Hi Kirsty

Hope the feeding is improving. I've had some fussy times with my girl too.

When she first started eating solids, she wouldn't eat off the spoon that I had, but would eat off her own spoon. You might need to help the spoon along a little bit. It can be a bit messy, but it was successful. Now she lets me feed her. If you dont want the extra mess, perhaps try giving your bub a spare spoon for them to 'use' and play with. Maybe he will start to copy you soon?? My little girl used to just play with her spoon rather than eat from it, but she would eat from my spoon then. Perhaps try letting him play with the spoon while he is sitting in his highchair while you get his food ready or if you have him in his chair at other times.

Sometimes when she wouldn't eat off a spoon, she would eat off my finger - perhaps not the best idea for the long term, but it got the food in during this time.

As far as prefering sweet over savoury tastes, I tried alternating her fruit with her vegetables (ie one spoon fruit, one spoon veg). She would normally have been offered her fruit after her vegies anyway, but doing it this way gave me some opportunity to get some vegetables in. I started with a spoon of fruit then offered vegetables. At first she would take one spoon of vegetables but then (as if she had wised up to my trick) refused any further spoons of vegies. Gradually over the feed I increased the amount of spoons of vegies in between the fruit ones, eventually almost eliminating the need for the fruit until after her 'mains'.

I suppose it is a very busy time for them. I know my girl is very much into what is going on around her, which can make feeding her a bit difficult sometimes.

In the end, I concluded that she has been eating previously and is still eating a little bit. She was doing everything else normally (playing and sleeping) and was happy. I think her teeth were giving her problems.

Hope this helps. If nothing else, you can be assured that there are plenty other babies and mums going through the same thing.

WA - gorgeous little girl

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