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Lumpy Food Lock Rss

My 9 1/2 month old daughter has no problem with her apetite - she eats sooooooo much. 600ml of milk a day, Weetbix, pureed fruit and milk for breakfast, 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup of meat and vege for lunch and again for dinner, plus a tub of yoghurt or a small can of fruit. So as you can see volume is not an issue but lumpy is. She will have teething rusks and toast but if there is lumps in her lunch or dinner - forget it - out she spits it. I've tried slowly increasing the lumpiness but I've hit a brick wall. Any suggestions?

Mother to 2 + 1 soon

Hi, my son is nearly 10 months, he also has a good appetite. With lumps we have found that if we let him feed himself they tend not to worry him as much. So although its quite messy, we just give him cooked veges and meat on his high chair tray and he feeds himself. He seems to really enjoy it and when he has finished I just try spoon feeding him some but he seems to accept lumps lots better if feeding himself. Maybe worth a try? Hope this helps

Liams Mum,NZ,14mth boy

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