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Introducing cows milk to replace formula and use of cup - 12 month old Lock Rss

Hi there,

My DD turns 1 on Tuesday and I want to start introducing cows milk in place of formula and also start using a cup instead of a bottle. Does anyone have any advice on how do do this? Do I start giving her half formula and half cows milk and then gradually increase the amount? Do you give the same amount as formula? She currently has 3 x 180 ml bottles. Also when I start replacing the bottle with a cup do I give her a cup with a lid on it or no lid? I presume it will just spill everywhere otherwise??

Thanks very much...

Mum to one beautiful girl, WA, 1st May 2006


I would introduce it as just milk no formula added 1 bottle at a time. You might find she will drink less when she is having the milk but offer her the 180ml and see how much she drinks over a few days.

Also try using a sippy cup with a lid or the milk will go everywhere as you said or if you want to use 1 without a lid then you will need to assist her.

Good luck

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hi there

I introduced cows milk to Ava a month ago and just replaced her morning formula bottle (which I used 75mls of on her cereal and she drank the other 100mls) to cows milk. She's still drinking 2 bottles of formula a day but next week I will drop the afternoon bottle and after a couple of weeks or so will drop the bed time one (I think that will be the hardest and I want to do it gradually as this will change her routine a bit). You dont have to replace the formula your bub is having with milk, if bub is eating well then is getting their nutrition from food. Milk is just a drink and should be offered after a meal otherwise they will fill up on it instead of food. You only need to ensure they are getting enough calcium a day and the nutritionist on this site advised

Calcium foods (4 servings a day) - the following are 1 serving:
2/3 cup of milk
½ cup of calcium-added milk
½ cup of yoghurt
30-40g of hard cheese
40g canned salmon mashed with bones (is half a serve)
30g sardines mashed with bones (half serve)
2/3rd of a cup of broccoli (half serve)

Hope this helps you.
Hi there,
its personal choice and what ever is best for your baby. They are all different (as im sure your well aware of by now) My son who is now 26months started at 11months not having any formula - he just didnt want it any more. I still tried like 50mls etc a few times a day but he didnt want it. He started drinking from a straw sippy cup at around 8months it was easier to get something out of it other than the nonspill sippy cups (he couldnt get anything out and didnt know he had to suck it) he started on the milk in a straw sippy cup. i would recommend it - it worked fantastic for us!
goodluck with it,
and congratulations on making it to the big 1 year! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Thanks for all your help everyone, you've been great!!

Mum to one beautiful girl, WA, 1st May 2006

My boys hated the taste of cows milk in their bottles so i just added a bit of cows milk in with their formula and gradually reduced the formula and increased the milk.
When i started dropping bottles i got rid of the morning bottle and gave them breakfast straight away then a couple of weeks later I dropped the lunch bottle but we still do the night bottle at 22 months. It is part of their night routine and they LOVE it.


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