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Long Car Trip - Need ideas for snacks Lock Rss

We are going on a long car trip and I don't know what I can give my baby girl to snack on while we are driving.

Jade is 9 months old and has no teeth yet.

I would obviously prefer food that she can feed herself and that doesn't make too much if any (huh huh) mess.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Ness, WA, 9mth baby Jade


How long is the trip for??? maybe take into account more things to keep her occupied then to eat.
Do you mean things to snack on when you stop or while driving???? i would be worried to give her anything while driving unless she is a very capable eater.
There is those heinz fruit bars but not sure what age they are alowed to have them, maybe soft sandwhiches.
I know my DD loved home made bannana muffins at that age but would only give them if you stop somewhere(very messy)

sorry not much help

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02


We often travel for three hours or so and I give my 9 month old cruskit biscuits. He loves them and they sort of melt when he eats them, so there is not too much concern about him choking on them. Only problem is they are a bit messy but keep him occupied for ages.
Happy travels!

Helen & Charlie, Vic

Hi Ness, good luck with your travel, it is hard enough on short trips let alone a long one. Have you tried semi boiling carrot sticks, apple slices,chopping a steak into fingers making sure there is no grissle. My mum has looked after a heap of kids so these ideas are old fashioned but work well. Just be careful with how you cook your steak. Safe travels. From Netsta

mum of 2

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