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12 Months - Not into Solids! Lock Rss


Any advice would be greatly appreciated! My son is almost 12 months old, and really doesnt like solids. He has a variety of canned food and homemade foods. He will probably only eat at best 3 - 4 icecube sized portions for his meals. He gags alot, but is getting better. Doesnt get into finger foods, just picks things up, looks at it and then throws it on the floor. So he is spoon fed all the time. He'll only chew a pizza crust, a piece of toast or a chip, that's about it. He doesnt seem to want to chew much. He has been unwell several times with ear infections etc, and this sets him back to his pureed food and his bottle. He still drinks about 1000ml a day, because he doesnt eat enough solids. How much should he be eating at each meal? Hope to hear from someone soon .......



If the ice cube size is large, baby is gaining weight and is generally happy & sleeping well, then he is probably eating enough. When the health nurse talked to me about solids, she said that if Madison wasn't eating properly by around eight months that we would need to start from basics all over again. then if this didn't work I would need a referal to a specialist (sorry can't remember what type).

If you are realy worried then maybe you should see your local doctor or health nurse and see what they say.

Good Luck

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old

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