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  5. wont sleep in his cot and wakes up if im not there

wont sleep in his cot and wakes up if im not there Lock Rss

my 11mth old son will not sleep in his cot as soon as i put him into his cot he instantly waked up and i have to put him into my bed and lay next to him. He will sleep for another 2 hours and wake up crying until i lay next to him. He never use to be like this until he was around 7-8mths thats when it changed. I have tried control crying in his cot but it last for 3 minutes cause he get hysterical and sometimes even vomits cause he is crying that bad and it has only been 3minutes I NEED HELP AND A GOOD NITE SLEEP BABY FREE BED. Can someone please help me i am a 21 yr old mother with no clue what to do

Jade(Ryleigh 24/07/2004)

My daughter is nearly 10 months old and I know where you are coming from. We have noticed in our playgroup (all the children are about the same age) that they are all going through this stage - so at 2 O'Clock in the morning know that you are not alone. Vomiting is not good and it is so hard to just clean them up and put them back to bed or even just hearing them cry.
I don't know which state you are in but if you are in WA contact Ngala on 08 93689368 as they specialise in managing sleep for babies and sleep deprived Mum's. If you are not in WA ring them anyway they may be able to give you info of who may be in your area - they are opren seven days a week.
Please ring Ngala you really have nothing to lose execpt maybe one long distance phone call.

Mother to 2 + 1 soon

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