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Hi Belinda,

Sorry I probably wont be much help as I dont have a solution to offer, but I can say that my baby is doing the same thing. Initially starting on solids she would sleep thru the night but lately she has been having 3 - 4 wakings a night and i do the same thing - just feed her and shes back off to sleep. Wow you have a big baby though my little girl is nearly 7kg at 6 months! Maybe its what they do at this age?
I too have the same problem my baby is 4 1/2 months old and has been sleeping through the night from 3 weeks old, until the last few weeks where she wakes early morning and i end up giving her a feed. she wont do it if she is in the bed with me. she has started solids too getting about 2TB of either veggies or rice and apple twice a day.

She has also reduced the amount of milk normally drunk so I end up mixing her unfinished feeds into the food.

she was 4.6kg born and is now close to 8kg

I dont worry to much just sort of let her do her thing.

Rebecca. Tyla 13/2/05, Jera 30/1/07

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