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Lactose Intolerent Babies & Children. Lock Rss

Hi out there in computer land I was trying to track down some recipes for babies & toddlers that are lactose sensetive or intolerent. My 5 month old son is and I am shocked by the lack of information available. Josh is 5 months & has 3 solid feeds a day. I would love to offer him something other than fruit or rice cereal. Some people are shocked to hear that a 5 month old has 3 solid feeds as well as 5 bottles a day, but he was 10lb 7oz born, two weeks early so he was huge from day one. I would especially love a biscuit recipe. If someone could help i would love to hear from you or if i can help i would also love to hear from you. Enjoy your kids they grow too fast. From Netsta.

mum of 2

Is your son on Infasoy??? You can give them a call, they have a little recipe book with dairy free recipes.... Its free & they will post it out to you..
If you need the no. let me know and i will dig out my book and find it.

Suz, NSW

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