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when can babies have chocolate Lock Rss

Can someone please tell me when babies can have chocolate.Many thanks

Abby,NZ,7month girl

It was the first thing Akina had when she was like 5 months old. Only a teenie tiny amount. I know it was wrong but it was so tempting. She loved it. She had an easter egg at easter - she was almost 8 months. If you really want to give it to your little one then only tiny amounts - they will love it. There is too much sugar and fat for it to be anything but a really really really special treat and you will proberbly find that too much will make bub sick in the belly. There little bodies can't cope with that much sugar and fat to digest. Really it has no nutritional value so it is not necessary for them to have it until they are much older - like 1 or 2 or 3.
I always try and think that whilst they are so young and have no imput into what they get to eat then they should eat the most nutritious food possible because it won't be long before they can tell you what they will and won't eat.


My little boy is 9mths old and I have given him a little chocolate he absolutely loves it- I think a tiny bit doesn't matter. I was having a bar the other day and just for interest sake just gave him a suck- he loved it and couldn''t get enough. As long as you don't go overboard and give it to them everyday I don't see any problem- just once in a while!!!
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