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grabbing the spoon Lock Rss

hey all,
does any one else have a problem with your little bubba grabbing the spoon when you are feeding them? How do you, or did you stop them from doing it? i cant seem to stop my little man from grabbing the spoon, and then me wrestling him to get it back - along with that, the food that is left on the spoon goes EVERYWHERE!
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hey princess leia. i'm not able to help you but my lil man does exactly the same thing. it drives me crazy. everytime i try and feed him, he tries so hard to get the spoon off me and when he gets it and I try and take it off him he starts to cry. Yes, the food goes everywhere! i try and give him a few mouthfulls, then let him play with the spoon for a little bit before taking it off him and feeding him again.

2 yrs

hi smile Peter use to do that now he is more interested in the bowl that i hold im my hand he seems to try to get the bowl now and not the spoon we use a real colourful bowl that he cant keeps his eyes off!! BUT we have a different problem peter likes to get his hands under his bib and in the mouth it goes good in a way self wiping his mouth lol but hell trying to get the spoon in. they are so keen to explore with whats going on

mum of peter 25/12/04

Thanks heaps for the advice guys, im going to try everything and anything! i will try giving him another spoon to hold, because i think that is a really good idea! dont forget for great supermarket/department store specials! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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