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Good eating habits Lock Rss

My baby has recently started solids and I don't want to use tinned food, what are some tips to develop good eating habits.

Why are some babies fussy and other kids eat anything? I think it is more to do with what the mother feeds the child and her attitude to food.

Nell, 9mth baby

Hi enidsmum

The best way to make sure your baby devlops good eating habits is to be a good role model yourself. Another thing one of the nurses at our local clinic told us is they don't know what they're missing if they've never had it. A lot of people are surprised that our 2yr old son only ever drinks milk or water - we've never given him anything else (occaisionally he has some fresh watermelon juice when we're out). He's never had chocolate, chips, McDonald's or any other fast food. If we're out at lunch time I usually get him a toasted cheese sandwich - as that's what he has at home. It does have a lot to do with what you feed them and your attidtude towards food. However I don't think there is anything you can do about them being fussy at times. My son used to love vegies - especially broccoli and pumpkin. Now he just flat out refuses to eat any vegetables except the odd mouthful of mashed potato. I just keep offering different vegies every night - I know one day he'll eat them again. But basically I never offer him any junk food so whatever I can get him to eat is pretty healthy anyway. Hope this helps.

Take care
Hi Enidsmum! you're absolutely right re. attitude. My 3 sisters and I have always been extremely fussy and to this day my 22yo sister won't eat any vegetables. I won't eat onions, seafood, eggs, a variety of fruits vegies and meats. none of us eat tomato seeds or margerine. My little sister was so fussy that she was malnutritioned and didn't get the vitamins needed for growth so she's very short and skinny. My cousins are obese because they were told to finish the huge meals piled on their plate my aunty expresses love with food and grandma's theory on cooking is the more oil you add the better it tastes!

I'm no expert, only observed other peoples mistakes so- my tips for good eating habits are: from the age of about 12 months: never use junk food as a reward or punishment. Don't deny it completely and don't make a big deal about it. If you do, they might use it as comfort food for the rest of their lives and they'll go nuts when they go to kids birthday parties. Before this age they don't need junk food & they'll just eat what's being offered but they'll prefer sweet things like carrot, corn, pumpkin, sweet potato to sour and bitter foods. when introducing solids offer a wide variety of fruits & vegies. Give small portions and never force them to finish everything that's on their plate. A good tip from the supernanny for older kids - let them choose 5 dry snacks every morning and put it into their own special snack jar which they can munch on throughout the day. Oh and dilute fruit juice and flavoured milk as it has a very high sugar content & never let them carry around a bottle with cordial in it it will destroy their teeth. hope this helps!


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