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Hullo.Harry has just turned 13 and a half weeks and we are putting him onto some farex twice a day,which is taking him a bit of time to get happening,but seems to be getting the hang of it! Is there anything anyone else can suggest we try him on?I am not too sure when to hit him with the veggies and custard!!and also when do you reduce his bottles??!!
ive just started felicity on rice cereal aswell.
people have suggested to me to mix some pureed fruit with the cereal to get used to the tastes.
im not sure about the bottles though, but my midwife suggested that i give her cereal 1 hour after a breastfeed, i think at this age milk is more important but i colud be wrong
hope it helps
hello eveningstar,
i think your starting solid too early as your baby's digestive system isnt ready for solids. Harry exspecially wouldnt be ready for veggies or custard as doctors say not to put then on farax any earlier than 4 months. i suppose its a personal thing but i believe its too soon and just thought id let you know, but im sure you know what your doing and have been told by your midwife, if havent if i was you id check with her first.
Why are you starting solids so early?
His poor little digestive system is really not ready for solids, i have a cousin who did the same thing thinking she was really smart and it would make her baby sleep through the night and all she ended up with was a baby with shocking reflux that could no longer keep down her normal bottles and now has to have prescription formula.
speak to your midwife and see what she has to say if you haven't already.

Devlin's Mum - 9 Dec 2004

Hi Eveningstar, I too started my daughter on solids at 3 1/2 months, over 2 years ago now. Her paediatrician recommended it as she was a fully breastfed baby who, because she wasn't putting on any weight, was in danger of being too small for her age. She had gone from being over the 97% line on the weight chart to being under the 50% line. We needed her to put on weight and quickly. I stopped breastfeeding and started formula and solids. It wasn't a decision I made lightly, but she has never looked back. However, that was nearly 3 years ago when the recommended age for starting solids was 4 months. Now I have a 5 month old son and won't be starting him on solids for a few more weeks yet. He also stopped putting on weight at around the 3 month mark, but because the same thing had happened with my daughter I was more aware of his weight and I started comp feeding him formula from 6 weeks. We have managed to combine breastfeeding and formula successfully and his weight is exactly where it should be.

As for what sort of solids to start and when, I would start with Farex. A lot of bubs don't seem to like it (it is pretty bland) so perhaps add some stewed fruit such as apple or pear to the Farex. I would only give him one or two very small feeds (a teaspoon or two) of solids per day and only after his bottle. Formula is still his most important source of iron and vitamins at this point. Don't reduce the bottles until about 9 months. If you like, you can encourage him to drink formula from a two-handled sipper cup at about 9 or 10 months. Steer clear of the custard for as long as you can. It is full of sugar. Try yoghurt instead. It has less sugar and is full of calcium. I use custard as a treat for desert for my 2yr old mixed with fruit. Veggies are great for him, stewed just like the fruit. When you stew fruit or veges for Harry do it in the smallest amount of water possible and don't tip the water out. Keep it with the fruit and mash it all in together. You will lose a lot of the goodness from the fruit or veges if you tip out the water. I used to stew a whole batch of apples, mash them with a fork and freeze them in ice cube trays. Farex and apple always seems to be pretty popular.....Good luck.

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