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Hi all - am new to this forum but hope to be a regular gasp)

I have a 5 1/2 month old daughter Thandia and will be starting her on solids sometime in the next 2 weeks. I've done loads of reading but have found lots of differing advice. I'm going to start with rice cereal but did anyone find there was a better time of the day to offer the solids?? How long before you offered 'real food' and was it fruit or vegetable? I've read that you shouldn't offer fruit first because it's naturally sweet and then baby will not be interested in veg?? Is this a crock or not?? How long before baby is eating 3 solid meals per day??

Any other tips or suggestions would be great.

Thanks gasp)
Hi Swishgirl,

My Son Joshua will be 6 months old on the 15th and i started him on solids when he was 4 months old.
First i started him on Farex rice cereal. It was just a spoonful and i gave it to him mid morning I did that for a couple of days and then just gradually increased the ammount of farex i gave him. In the begginning it is just a small taste for them it isn't really a meal at all. Once he was used to the farex i started giving him pureed Fruit and veggies, to be honest i can't remember what i gave him first but i know he loved both. He is now On 3 solid meals per day and is loving every bit of it. I think that if a baby gets a large variety of different tastes they won't mind if it is sweet or not.

There is really too much to write i could tell you so much
so feel free to email me anytime [email protected]
or if you have msn add me [email protected]
Hope to hear from you soon


Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

When I started my son on solids I just followed the advice on the back of the rice cereal packet to get him used to it. Like you I also had so much conflicting advice. I think the one I listened to the most was to try only one new food every three days. This is to make sure that if there are reactions to a certain food you know what food it is. Also I started on vegies first rather than fruit so he didn't get too used to sweet things.
When he started getting hungry between bottles, I added another meal, so he would have fruit and rice cereal for breakfast with a bottle and then in the afternoon he had vegies. Now at 7 mths 1wk, he has baby muesli or weetbix with fruit for brekkie, veggies and a rice cake for lunch, and a piece of bread with either some veggies or fruit or on a hot day a baby gel. Last night I gave him some pasta. He loves to feed himself.

Hope this helps. i think the best thing is to take it slowly, baby will tell you if it needs more or less or isn't ready yet.


Danielle, 28, Vic, 1st son born 2/6/03

I have 3 kids, all very big eaters. All three started on Heinze rice cereal at 6 weeks of age. I found that giving them solids in the afternoon/evening, helped to settle them at night, and they were soon sleeping right through the night shortly after, as they were going to bed with full tummies. Start off with just rice cereal until they are used to the taste and texture, then try vegies. Only new vegie at a time, in case of reactions. Save the fruit until baby gets used to the veges, then try putting fruits into the rice cereal, for added flavour. You will be surprised at how quickly your baby starts to like the new tastes, and wants more. Gook luck.

Mother of 3, Qld

It sure is difficult finding info that you can just follow, when i first started Ella on solids i read just about everything i could get my hands on but nothing tells you exactly what to feed, how much, and when.

Ella's had a few problems with her skin and allergies so I checked with her pediatrician before starting her and his advice was to start on rice cereal, then either apple or pear because they are 3 things you can be pretty sure not to have reactions from then start introducing root vegies like pumpkin, potato, sweet potato and allow 3-4 days between each new thing. Ella started off loving her vegies (after starting on fruit) but has gone of them a bit now but i dont think its because she had fruit first. I started giving her rice cereal mid morning, then once she'd had that a few days i'd give her that mid morning then a taste of a fruit mid afternoon. She now has rice cereal sometimes mixed with fruit at breaky, then fruit after lunch and vegies at dinner.

Good luck, hope Thandia loves her solids!

Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

Start with the rice cereal until your baby is use to actually eating. Then start with vegetables such as pumpkin, sweet potato, potato and carrot. It is much better starting with vegetables rather than fruit. If you read past posts you will realise that it is not wise to feed your baby the custards as it is so sweet. Stick with the veggies and then fruits, you can't go wrong with that.

Usually the best time for solids is mid morning.

Good luck

Tanya,QLD, 5yr, 3yr, 6mth

Hi Larnie,

I have a 5 month old little girl who up I has been breastfed exclusively. I have tried getting her to take a bottle with no success and today I tried her with Heinz rice cereal and she hated it!!!
I'm not sure where to go from here - do I persist with the rice cereal, try another brand? I have read of mothers putting pureed apple with the rice cereal but I really dont want to introduce fruits before veges.

Any ideas????

Kellie, WA

Hi kellie,

How about you try some pureed vegies then. Maybe some potato or sweet potato. Sometimes babies just don't like certain foods. I have been very lucky with my son and he has eaten everything i have given him.

Good luck and if you need any more ideas you can email me [email protected]
or if you have msn we can chat [email protected]


Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

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