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No Appetite! Lock Rss

Mia is not one for demanding food & we have always struggled to get her to drink - even woke her to feed during the night if she had less than 450mls during the day. I gave up b/feeding as I thought she wasn't getting enough (should have listened to Clin. Nurse who said I was doing fine) as bottles have made no difference in the amount she drinks (around 600mls per day).

She has just hit 6 mths & we started solids 2 weeks ago with NO SUCCESS! Little bugger purses her lips together & turns her head & then looks out the corner of her eye to see if you are still there & turns her head even further to avoid the spoon!

Is patience the key ingredient? Or maybe it is my cooking she doesn't like? Or maybe I just give it a rest for a few more weeks? All I seem to be doing is wasting formula & food & my precious time making it!

How long did it take other Mums for their babes to get the hang of it? And is there anyone else that has a baby with a 'tiny' appetite?


Patience is the key to solid introduction.

My Jacob has a had a great appetite from day 1 so I can't help on the small appetite thing but.....

If she's 110% completely refusing to open her mouth even the slightest bit then stop.....wait maybe 3-4 weeks before trying again.

Go back to milk feeds but maybe since she's not drinking a lot - give her smaller feeds more - rather than doing a big feed every 4 hours - halve that feed and try every 2-3 hours.

With regards to her weight - if she isn't losing weight and just staying the same and gaining slightly each weigh in - then there isn't much to worry about - if she starts to keep losing then you have to think about what's happening.

At six months who much does she weigh?

Jacob is 12kgs at 6 months and 1 week so if he doesn't each much one day - I honestly don't fret cause he's got the "padding" to fall back on.

With regards to you feeling you might be wasting formula - I hear you! - that's why maybe you could try smaller feeds more frequently.

Jacob gets just over a litre of milk a day + solids and the Paediatrician told me that even 1 litre of milk a day without solids is fine for his age and size.

But that's what works for me - I cant say if it will work for you.

I wish you luck!
My first qusestion is "Is Mia ready for food?"
If she isn't interested in food you are wasting your time and stressing your baby. You can't make them eat - they have to want it.
What we did is watch for Natasha's reaction when we were eating. I know it sounds weird but if you have ever had a dog and eaten cheese the dogs eyes just follow the food - that is the same reaction you're looking for. When you see this give your baby a spoon and when they are happilly putting the spoon in their mouth start feeding small amounts of rice ceral with milk, then progress to something basic like pumpkin. I know you probably want to cook all these meals like in the canned stuff but that can wait.
I can honestly say that this method truly worked for our daughter who is now 10 months old. The trick is for them to set the pace.
Good luck.

Mother to 2 + 1 soon

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