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what is sign for baby should start solid food? Lock Rss


My daughter is 4 month old soon, normally she will finish 150 ml milk ( 5 feed everyday), but recently she only take 120 ml all the time, she refuse finish all, and she woke up few times around 4:30 am last 2 weeks( she always sleep through the night).

What is sign for baby should start solid food?

Help me please, I have no idea how to do

Thank you


Jasmine 08/03/05

my bubs is 5months and is having on average 150ml five times aday, Her paed. said to just give her what she wants and to wait until 6 months before food to minimise food allergies. The ready signs are watching you eat, making mouthing actions and not being content with just milk. If your bubs is happy I wouldn't be giving her food yet as she has a life time to eat solids. If she is getting cranky then talk to your MCHN about staring solids earlier. Good luck

bubs born 28/1/05

Hi Grace,

My daughter is 5 and a half months old and i remember her doing the same thing at about 4 months, it only lasted a week and the clinic nurse said not to woory as she still put on weight.

Maybe you could try holding off on feeds, and try and get her to be more active before bottle.

Also when my daughter begins to break her sleep routine i give her only a small bottle i.e. just enough so she goes back to sleep that way she is hungry in the morning and puts her on the right track for the rest of the day.

Unless you want her on solids, i wouldnt introduce them just to try and solve a problem.

Hope this helps smile

Leanne, Eliza Jade 17/1/05

could be teething signs, if she has droped her feed back. she now might realise she is wet so wants a nappy change. Everything changes so quickly in the first few months - its really hard to know.
if you start solids, i have heard it is recomended to start with pears because they are easiest to digest. But probably give them in the morning, so they will be worn off through the day.
hope this is some help -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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