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Solids - how much? Lock Rss


My bub has really started to get into her food all of a sudden, which is nice. However it has prompted the question of how much do we feed her? Do we keep going until she says no thanks (cause sometimes that can take a long time). Or do we get a certain amt of tablespoons ready and that is what she eats (all babies are different tho, so not sure about this one). Some days she will go on and on and on until we run out of food that is ready for her to eat! For instance, last night she ate 2 small apples (stewed down of course), some banana as well as a small amount of vegetables . It just seems a lot when you look at it that way.

This is a very new thing and before now she was known to fuss over even half a pot of food. She is just 9 months, perhaps it is a growth spurt???

Anyway, if anyone has been given advice about this, I'd love to hear it.


WA - gorgeous little girl

Hi there

I don't think I can give you any 'expert' advice on this one Karen - but maybe you are right i.e. just a growth spurt.

As DD is 9 months old you can be giving solids before milk feeds, but maybe she needs milk feeds first for another few weeks [just a thought on my part - no evidence to show this is what she really needs LOL] ... only that breastmilk/formula is still supposed to be the main source of nutrition until 12 months anyway.

But maybe she is just needing something with more protein or iron?? You can give meat any time after 6 months - so long as you can find a way to mush it enough!! and from 9 months on, you can give small amounts of dairy i.e. cheese yoghurt.

Sorry - all suggestions just being pure guess work on my part! Hope someone else has something more constructive to offer you!
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