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solids - moving from 4 hourly feeds to breakfast lunch and dinner.... Lock Rss

My little man loves his food and quite happily eats 3 meals a day. But, he still wants something every four hours during the day.

How do I progress him from 4 hourly feeds to a more grown up routine of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My problem is reallyin the afternoon/evening when he's ready for a bottle at about 3.30 and dinner about 6.30 - any step by step instructions I can try would be much appreciated!

Beau (01/05) & Cheyan (09/08)

I has a similar story with my son now 9 months. What you need to remember at this stage on solids a baby needs to fill up on solids and have the bottle as a top up or a drink. So don't count the bottle as a meal, count it as a thirst quencher/ drink. So try giving a meal at lunch and then after it a half bottle and maybe a snack at around 4 and then he should be ready for a meal between 6-7pm. This should get him into a routine expecting heavy meals 3 times a day.
But try to remember that even us adults have 3 meals a day a feel peckish in between feeds.

So good luck hope it helps.

Rania, NSW Mother of two boys

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