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routine for a 6 - 7 month old Lock Rss

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Hi BJ17,
I too have 6 month olds (twins) at the moment they have a feed (breastfeed) around 7.00am + farex/fruit
11.00 breastfeed
3.00 breastfeed/ vegies
7.00 breastfeed/ custard/fruit
then about an hour later a top up, one has about 100ml formula only staarted this week , the other wont take it so i offer him another Breastfeed.

They have only started sleeping through this week.

Where are you from???? Have you got any other children????

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Hello all
My little girl is almost 7 month old here's my routine...
She wake up about 8.30am
8.30am banana rice cereal+150ml formula
12.30pm rice cereal with pumpkin and sweet corn mash+150ml formula
4.00pm 200ml of baby juice
6.00pm green vegies with rice cereal+150ml formula
7.30pm top up with formula before put to bed
8.00pm bed time...
She sleep trough every night and have dirty nappy once a day every morning after she wake up....
smile Wish the best for you all
Niki+Geneva 6.5 month old
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