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misbehaving 3yr old boy Lock Rss

My son is 3 and is misbehaving more than ever lately. No matter what I do to discipline him things are just not getting better. I anyone is in similar crisis suggestions would be appreciated.

Rania, NSW Mother of two boys

Hi Rania

Kids can be trying can't they!!?? and it sounds like you might be feeling like you are at the end of your tether??

Difficult to know exactly what to tell you here ... Maybe if you give us a few examples of the behaviour, we might be able to give some opinions on how to deal with those situations.

Hi again

Have just noticed in another post, that you have a 9 month old too. Could your son's misbehaviour be related to the fact that he is feeling a little 'left out' with his brother around??

You probably DO try to include DS 1, but remember too, all the cute things your baby is doing at this time, and all the little comments ...i.e.
"Awww Look how he is doing ...."
"Aren't you such a clever boy to be ..." "Wow You ate a whole ..."
... well that's me anyway [LOL].
My point is that all the cute things that we comment on could be making DS 1 feel a little inadequate - and he may need to be reassured more than ever.

I used to always try and include the older sibling, if in earshot!, in any achievements of the younger sib. i.e. "Look how she is crawling so fast. That is because she is trying to go as fast as you - she real wants to be able to walk like you."
"She said ...!! That's because she has heard you say that. You have been teaching her to talk just by talking to her!" etc
I don't seem to be coming up with great examples - but you get my drift, anyway

If you give us more specifics I am sure it will be easier to offer something more concrete!

I guess the biggest thing with any child is consistency. Choose a form of 'punishment', whether it be time out in the corner, toy deprivation etc and stick to it. Don't feel guilty for following through after a warning otherwise he will consistently misbehave.

But remember to praise the good behaviours when they happen. Make a point of making a fuss of the good behaviour then he associates being good with positive attention.

When you are shopping give him little jobs to do like get the cereal or cheese to keep him occupied and to make him feel important. Get him to hold the shopping list and 'read' what you need next. Some supermarkets even have little trolleys for kids to push.

I totally ignore tantrums (unless they are in danger) in public and walk away. They soon realised I wasn't kidding. It can be totally embarrassing when people stare but stuff them, it works.

I hope these have helped a little bit.


Joh, Will's mum

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