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At what age do you start babies on cheese and yougurt? Lock Rss


I was just wondering what age babies are allowed to start having yougurt and cheese.



Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

Hi Larnie

I started both my kids on cheese & yougart at about 10months & it didn't do either of them any harm.Hope this helps


P.S Josh is a good name
Hi Larnie,

I only visited the clinic nurse last week with my 6.5mth old son, and was advised to give him a few teaspoonfuls of baby yoghurt.

The problem is, when they are this young, they don't have that much up time, therefore, it's a matter of finding a time that suits you and the baby to introduce it.


Mary, NSW, mother of two

Thanks for replying,

I was just wondering where do you get baby yoghurt from? I have never seen it anywhere.


Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

Hi Larnie,
Heinze have a variety of baby yoghurts. They are in the baby food section in your supermarket. My 8.5 month old son loves cheese slices for lunch, and it hasn't harmed him. Good luck.

Mother of 3, Qld

The Petit Miam brand do yoghurt from 6 months. Also bannanas in pyjamas is from 6 months also. Jackson still loves them.
My health nurse has said that cheese is fine from 6 months Grated cheeder, cream or cottage. I put grated cheese in his baked beans (mashed at 6 months).
Hope this helps.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Thanks heaps both of you. I will try him on some yohgurt and cheese and see how he goes.

Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

Hi Larnie,

Michelle is correct, the clinic nurse recommended to me Petit Miam (Baby) (from the chill section of the supermarket, with all the other yoghurts). As for cheese, I haven't tried yet.


Mary, NSW, mother of two

I just use plain yoghurt with pureed fruit, it's much cheaper!
Hi Mary

I use Kraft Cheddar and sticks. I cook alot with the cheese to incorporate the flavor in pasta, chicken and tuna/fish. All the bottled food on the shelves you can cook at home and know exactly what baby is ingesting. Joshua 7mnths will not eat meats without his cheese! Be very careful of high sodium in your cheese as baby cannot accept too much sodium at this age.

Natalie, NSW

hi larnie,
my babies just love plain vanilla yoghurt with their rice cerial i add 1 tablespoon instead of water or milk & it's just enough to make it nice & tasty, they had their first taste when they were about 6 mths it was the only way we could get one of them to eat.

we tried the yoplait baby yogurt too but it really is horrible none of the boys would eat it we usually but danone daily.

we havn't tried cheese on the babies yet but rickson was having a slice a day since before he was 12 mths.

i hope this helps you some how.

Tanya, had 3 boys under 26 months

Hi everyone,

I have been giving Joshua the Pauls yougurt that is for 6 months and over and he absolutley loves it. I mix it with some crushed milk arroroot biscuit or sponge finger.

Another meal Joshua loves is cottage cheese, banana and honey.


Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

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