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Boring old potatoe Lock Rss

Hi all

I have just started my daughter on solids she is 6 months this friday (yeah) She loves pumpkin and prunes ( introduced cause she was constipated ) i gave her normal potatoe yesterday and boy did she hate it!! spat it right back at mummy. I heard that all babies love sweet potatoe but was wondering are there any mum's out there whose babies love normal potato?

Ella's mumma
Hi Ellas mum, my boy LOVES potato, always has. He is 10 months old now but has been having mashed potato since he was about 6 months. His favourite meal is mince and mashed potato, dished out seperatly on his high chair tray. He doesn't like sweet potato, just normal potato

Liams Mum,NZ,14mth boy

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