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How much food to give? Lock Rss

I just started my nearly 6 month old on solids and was just wondering how much to give. She is only a little tacker so i don't think she would fit a lot in.
I freeze her vegies in an ice cube tray. I normally try and get her to eat 2 ice cubes of something. Who much is everyone elses babies eating?

Thanks Ella's mumma
It's a little hard to say but Maneesha at 6 months was just having half a chat potato and some lentils for lunch and dinner. She's not much of an eater either!!!!!!

DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08

hi my daughter is 6 motnhs she was born on the 16th jan. i started givin her solids at 3months because she was hungry.She is only little herself and weighs 6.4kgs she has breaky Maybe lunch or just some thing to chew on with some vegiemite , or cream cheese.then she will eat dinner.
Its up to u they should be eating 3 meals but it how hungry they are!

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An icecube is around 1.5 tablespoons (but maybe they are all different sizes).

Mia 'forces' down around a tablespoon of pumpkin but when she sees and smells the custard (dessert) - watch out! She will down a jar if I let her. Not keen on giving her custard though... Would rather she ate my 'home cooked, time consuming, flavoursome' meals I prepare. Or maybe they ain't that flavoursome???

As she was a little feral today I gave her a bit of milk arrowroot biscuit... Nearly took off my hand! Cute.

Mia was 6 mths last Saturday and weighs 6.5kg (2.4kg born) so just a little one like Ella.

Hi Ella,

I have a pamphlet here from the clinic that recommends u start with giving 1-2 teaspoons, gradually increasing until ur baby takes 1-2 tablespoons. 1 ice cube is the equivalent to 1 tablespoon.

Hope this helps!
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