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Weaning to return to work Lock Rss

I have started weaning my little man. One reason is my breastmilk is low for one feed.He has b/f in the morning to bottles then two more b/f.He also has farex with the first bottle & vegies in the second b/f...How much food should I feed I give him half a tin?? & should I still express as my breast are sore b/w the bottlefeeds..How do you handle the soreness as you give up the breast feeds??Any good ideas??
My son is 5 1/2 months old.
Hi im at work full time and still breastfeeding. I guess im lucky in that i still have quite a good supply. I would still express and freeeze what you can, good to mix with the farex and vegies. Liam nearly 5months has b/f in morning at 6.30am, 3tsp farex with breastmilk at 9am, bottle at 10am, bottle at 2pm, b/f at 6pm, 2 tsp vegies/fruit + 1 tsp farex and breastmilk mixed in and then his last feed at 9.30 - 10 pm. the only thing i could suggest with soreness is to put baby in rocker or down for sleep and massage under a warm shower.

Peta, VIC, 2 beautiful boys

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