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Can you re-heat canned food once heated already Lock Rss

Hi Guys
My husband a i were discussing last night if you can reheat canned food as our son refused to eat his dinner. (Just wondering if there bodies are immune to have all the baterica if heated again.) i didnt want to chance it so i gave him gel fruits instead.

anne, benjamin 1/1/05, matthew 18/07/07

I wouldn't

If I suspect B is gonna be fussy I just heat up half a can


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

I had a quick look in the heinz recipe book and it said not to re-heat food twice. But did you know you can freeze the canned food?

Mia doesn't eat much so I pop the remaining food that wasn't heated in an ice cube tray, put a freezer bag around it, empty them into a sealed container and then take them out by the cube as I need them. A couple of times she has wanted more so I just grab another cube out and defrost.

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