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Help!!! my baby won't take formula Lock Rss

Is anyone out there have the same problems with me? my DS is nearly 6 mths and recently doesn't want to take his formula, I have to force him to drink everytime and it seems not working for long term as he starts cry histerically these few day if I offered him formula, my breastmilk suppy is very low now...don't know what to do...any advise out there would be very appreciated, just for the info, I use the Nestle NAN HA1 formula and thinking to switch to Karicare Gold to see whether he wants to take it or not. Any advise??? Thanks
My best advice is to talk to your child health nurse. They are trained in all aspects of babies and will help you. There is also ways to regain your milk supply if it is dwindling away, so chat to your CHN or maybe nursing mothers or your local lactation consultant. I hope this helps
Hi. I empathise with how frustratred you may be feeling. You may like to try a couple of things. Firstly, we found Karicare to upset our son's tummy; so we were told to try S26 formula as apparently this is the closest formula to breastmilk. We haven't looked back.
Secondly, you may try a different bottle/teat. We found the Avent bottle wasn't working, so we tried the Tommee Tippee one that is shaped like a breast, and this worked a treat. after a while of using this bottle, we then re-introduced the Avent bottle, which our son took no worries.
Good luck. You'll get there in the end.
We have a very similar problem, I am breastfeeding but we used to like to give him a bottle to give me a break. Our 4 month old used to take formula but we stopped for about a month now he wont have a bar of it.
We originally started with Karicare but this upset his tummy, we used S26 which he loved until this week, we have since tried Nan, we've changed teats.... but still no luck

Hi TBF46C,

Yeah, it is hard hey, but just to let you know that my DS finally wants to take his formula as we change it to Bellamy's Organic Formula, you can buy it either in Coles or Woolies, I found that the formula smell is better than any other formula, I found the other formula has a very strong chemical smell, but not for the organic one, I think you should try it to your baby...Wish u luck !!!
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