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My 7 month old boy always ends up constipated when i feed him rice cereal, i mix it til its a paste then add some puree fruit. What can i do to stop him from being constipated so much ? HELP!!!!!

Hi there,
I had the same problem with my DD when I gave her organic rice [email protected] and she would have a heck of a time with constipation. I have since thrown the instructions out the window. If I make the rice cereal/[email protected] using the directions on the pack she always has trouble, so what I do is add way more water and leave it for about a minutie until it thickens up a bit, add more water and stir until I get the right consistency. Now she has organic rice [email protected] each day and no problems at all.
Best wishes.

Hi, try adding some stewed prunes. I also ignored the instructions a made it with more water than said.

good luck

My DS also had the same problem, I think try to offer them more water and also give him the diluted prune juice which help for my DS, puree pear and apple also help.
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