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My 5 month old just started solids. I gave her some mixed vegie from the jar. She liked it and had about 6 teaspoons. I breast feed her first then fed her then breastfeed her after. She has done alright with farex and banana but after the mixed vegie thing she hasn't pooped in nearly 4 days. She has had tons of gas but still hasn't passed anything. I have been breastfeeding more and giving her water, still nothing. What should I do? has this happened to anyone else? How long is normal to go without pooing for?

Hi there

There's a lot of variation in whats normal but if you've noticed a change in your DD since introducing certain foods then I'd say its the food thats causing it.

My DD gets constipated on jar foods and I have heard of some babies getting constipated on farex and bananas too. Try eliminating foods and see if poops return to normal, and then when reintroducing dont give them every day and it might be ok. In the meantime to relieve her you could give her half a small tin of pureed pears, worked for my DD... within an hour there'd be action smile Also if you have a heater on in bubs room it can dehydrate them a bit, noticed Ava's poops hardening up and she would wake in morning and knock off a full cup of water but since we've put a bowl of water in her room she's not so thirsty in the morning and poops are ok.

hi i started solids with my son from a very young age althougj he took to them fine i had some coloxyl drops ready don't no if you have heard of them but they are available from most pharmacies and work heaps good hope this helps


My DS also had the same problem because of the solid, and he went 3 days without poos and sometimes 4 days, we had tried coloxyl drops, it works, but I think it gave baby a lot of wind first before they poo, plus I also give my DS prune juice diluted in water, and it works. And worse come to worse, we have also ever given him suppositories, don't know whether you heard about it or not, it is a small tablet that put into the baby ass (hole), sorry!!! Yeah, because our DS was very distressed and we had to do this last time, and he poos straight away.
Thank you all for the good advice. I'm going to try the prune juice/water thing tomorrow if she still hasn't gone. I really like the point about the heater in the room. What heaters did you use? we are using a oil trip heater. I'll put the bowl of water in the room just in case.

thanks again
Hi again

We use an oil column heater in Ava's room.

Hope the remedies work.

i had the exact same problem the doctor told me that it was normal for a breast fed baby to go for 12 days without doing a poo.. i went to the doctors after 8days and they gave me supositries and he has passed since then so all is good just needed a little help smile
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