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formula to cows milk.. Lock Rss

My boy will be 1 in a few weeks. I have been told he is to go onto cows milk or a toddler formula at 1. HAs anyone else done this yet? If so which is better? How did u make the change? Is the taste difference a big thing for them?

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I gave a little cows milk in a sipper cup with meals to start off with to get my daughter used to the taste and then gradually switched it over to make cows milk the main drink. I was also giving toddler formula occasionaly but the clinic nurse told me she didn't need it, that food and cows milk was enough so that is what she gets now.


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I just gave bella full bottle of cows milk one day to see her reaction and she just took it down with no problems. I have half a tin of formula left and alternating from formula to cows milk til the tin is finished. Isabella is 1 in 10 days!

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MY son is 14 months old now and he still drinks the toddler formula !!! He doesn't really want the milk !!! I give him milk once a day but he doesn't really like it plays with the bottle for ages before he drinks it !!! he still has three bottles of formula a day !!! he loves it and i don't mind because it is good for him !!! so i think i will give it to him probably a few more months !!
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