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frozen baby cubes Lock Rss

Hi, Im a full time working mum whos had enough. I would love to stay at home and have an idea that may be able to help this become a reality. My idea is to provide a service where families are able to buy frozed food cubes which they can use a seperate foods or mix together as so desired to accomodate babys taste. I am trying to research to see if this is a viable idea. Your feedback on whether or not anyone would use a service where you can by phone, fax, or email purchase food cubes for your baby and have them delivered. they would be 100% basic foods with no additives. I know that there is already a product in the supermarkets already but these are pre mixed so you cant make your own combination. Your thoughts are appreciated.

Peta, VIC, 2 beautiful boys

mother cubes are already available and are separte cubes of food so you can mix your own

you get three vege and one meat per pack


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

I think it is a good idea. Maybe if there is a product already out there- you could beat them on price or variety. You could try selling them through health stores, delis and IGA / 7/11 type places rather than the big grocery stores.

I am in the same situation as you and am dreading coming off maternity leave. i have also been contemplating a few business ideas-and am trying to build up the courage to leave my secure, time-consuming job to venture out on my own . Make sure you research well- aparently there is a website called that may help - i haven't looked at it yet but have seen an add about it-they may help you.

Best luck!! GO for it

baby girl and another on the way

Peta, Why not use daycare centres as an avenue to market the cubes? There would be a high percentage of babes at daycare cause their mum/dad works so they wouldn't have the time to cook (or too tired to cook).

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