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Eggs?? Lock Rss

hi well i have an 8 mth old daughter and the health nurse suggested i start her on egg yolk only at first but then my mum said just to give her the whole egg cause if they just have the yolk thats all they want to eat and then they wont eat the white i was just wondering what everyone else thinks?and what is the best ways to prepare eggs for the little ones?
thanx nat
Hi Nat,
I started Jackson on egg yolk at 6 months. And egg white at 10 months. You are ment to wait untill 12 months for egg white if there are no family allergies. Start slowly maybe a quarter of a teaspoon one day. Then the next day a bit more, and so on untill she has had the full egg yolk.
I didnt wait for 12 months because there are so many recipes including eggs that I wanted to try him on. Muffins, pikelets, scrambled egg, boiled egg yolk mashed with banana, he even likes it fried, bread and butter pudding, home made egg custard.
Hope I have been some help.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Hi Nat,
It is recommended that you wait until babies are 12 months of age before giving egg white, however if you really want to try her on it, I suggest that you give her a little each day (maybe a teaspoon), and just check for any reactions. If after a week, she hasn't had any problems, then she should be fine. My son is almost 9 months, and he is just starting to eat the whole egg now, and this is how I introduced it to him. His favourit is French toast. (Bread dipped in beaten egg and a little milk, then fried). Omlettes are another good one, as they are getting their milk too. You can use cows milk, or formula if prefered. Hope all goes well.

Mother of 3, Qld

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