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Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone knows if you can use cans of fruit like mangos and apricots instead of freash fruit for baby's that are 6 months old?????
It's hard to find some fruit in season so i thought cans could be a good idea!!!

Thanks Ella's mumma
not really sure but I would say the ones that may be in natural juice should be okay, just pureed up.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Hi Amy, I have tried peaches and apricots from a can, as I'm sure Gemma is getting sick of pear and apple all the time! The apricot ended up being too tart, but when mixed in with fresh banana she loved it. I don't know if it is ok or not, but I thought what the heck, cant kill em!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

i use goulburn valley in natural fruit, and my 8 month old daughter loves them all, you can get puree fruit in them as well, hope that helps

Kelly, Vic, madison born 4/11/04

Hi Ella's Mumma
I to was unsure of this so i went out and bought a few different brands and looked up the presrevitives in my additive book and it seems that the ones in natural juice are fine and the some of the ones in syrup have a preserivtive (acidity regulator, 330) that in large amounts over a long period can cause tooth erosion and could cause a local irritant action.
The book is called additive code breaker By Maurice hanssen and jill Marsden.


I have bought SPC brand apples, apricots and peaches (they are called Baker's Apple etc). They are usually used for making pies I believe. These were recommended to me because they are just the fruit 100% - no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives. They don't come swimming in 'natural juices'. I just freeze them in ice cube trays and use as desired. Ella seems to enjoy them very much in her yoghurt or custard.

Sam, Qld

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