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baked beans? Lock Rss


I was just wondering at what age to give baby baked beans. My son is 7 and a half months. I had read that you should start baked beans at 9 months but I have also noticed that some mothers give baked beans earlier. Is there a specific age?

Thanks Danielle

Danielle, 28, Vic, 1st son born 2/6/03

Hi Danielle

I gave Baked beans to both my kids at 6months my son hated them (I think it was the texture) but my daughter absolutely loves them she still often has them for dinner. So try your son and see how he goes.

Hi there, I gave my daughter baked beans from 7 months and she loves them. I mashed them at first and now I just roughly mash them so she can chew them more. I get the salt reduced version.

Rachel, 20mth girl + 1 on the way

I was told by my clinic sitser the other day that I could give my 8mth old daughter baked beans. So I have given her some twice so far, mashed and the low salt version and she isn't really fussed but isn't really fussed about any foods except for custard!

Gail, NT, Elia 16/05/03, Hamish 23/11/05

Thanks guys, I gave him baked beans yesterday mashed up, he quite liked them. I must say his poos today was something that had to be seen to be believed.


Danielle, 28, Vic, 1st son born 2/6/03

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