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Getting started with solids Lock Rss

Hi everyone. I have a 6month old girl who I have just started on solids. I was wondering to freeze her veges and fruits can I use any ice cube trays or where can I find one with a lid.

Mum of baby born on 1/2/05

You can get ice cube trays with lids from tupperware, I got some last week and they are great, they are $34.95 for a set of 2 they are a bit bigger than normal trays so it's good for when you little girl starts to eat more..

Kelly's mum (14/01/05) walking

You will also find that ice cubes are great but you'll start will 3 then 4 then 5 and so on and they are no longer practical. When it gets to this stage try pre-making meals and freezing them in the 280ml Glad ware containers. I make up batches of 40 plus at a time. I would make up pureed fruit, rice cereal and formula for breakfast and either mixed veges or stews for lunch/dinner. They would take 1-2 mins in the microwave and the meal is done. Forward preparation is a great time saver.

Mother to 2 + 1 soon

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