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cheese for 6 month old... Lock Rss

i was just wondering if i could give my little boy bits of cheese, probable just the individually wrapped ones, you know the soft slices.. he doesnt have any teeth so im scared he will choked but a friend of mine told me he should be okay with finger foods now, he has been on solids for 6 weeks!!!

Amanda Mummy 2 Seth 1/2/05 & Tianah 14/7/06

I gave my son the cheese slices as well b4 he had teeth. I can't remember how old he was then, but would have been around 7 or 8 months old. The cheese slices stuck to the roof of his mouth and he was gagging. So I left it till the twins had been on solids for a while and were more capable of moving food around their mouths before I attempted it again. You could try small pieces but keep a close eye on your son and be ready to get it out of his mouth if he looks like he is gagging.

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

Hi, we are advised in NZ to wait until 8-9 months before giving cheese as its a dairy product. My boy didn't have finger foods til about 8 months. Hope this helps

Liams Mum,NZ,14mth boy

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