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HELP - Six moth old constipated and refuses fluids. Lock Rss


My six month old girl is severely constipated. I have been to the pead. twice (I went yesterday) and he has given me a few laxatives to try. I believe she is holding on as it hurts.

The problem I have is that she needs more fluid, she is currently breastfed and on two solids per day, but she refuses ANY fluids other than breast milk. The pead. cannot give us any advice on how to get fluid into her so I was hoping you could.

I have tried: bottles, syringe, normal drinking cup, sippy cup (all different types), and medicine cups. I have tried water and juice and she refuses everything. Gets actually quite distressed when tasting other fluid and even sometimes but putting her mouth on the vessel I am using to get fluid into her.

Any advice (or a magic wand) would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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My wee man was the same at 6 months would only take breast milk and no water and was constipated. I did not like using laxatives on him being so young as was worried about what would do. ( Not keen on laxatives as bowel cancer in family and they make me really nervous, overeaction mabee!!) But i tried tinned prunes on Lewis morning and night for a couple of days then down to once at night from then on and they worked a treat! Lewis refused to drink water till he was 9 months and even now prefers his bottles as on formula now!

Good luck
My DD didn't drink a lot of water and got constipated quite often. The CHN suggested I give her cooked pears each day to see if that helped. I give her pears everyday and I make her food as wet as possible. It doesn't matter what it is, it is all quite runny. I also find that anything with rice in it makes her constipated. I have stopped giving her any rice cereals and occassionally I give her some cooked rice, but I find rice to be the worst thing for constipation.
If it's still bad perhaps try putting some sugar on her cereal or some of her solids, it helps the bowel to contract better.
Have you tried expressing some breastmilk and mixing it with some water and trying to get her to drink that? Other than that all I can think of is stay away from rice and try and give her as much fibre and fluid in her solids.
Best wishes.


I can imagine how you feel as my DS also got constipated because of the formula last time, then we went to our GP and GP suggested to put about half of teaspoon of brown sugar to the formula or water so that he can poo, and my DS also didn't want to take fluids last time, then I had to force him by given him with spoon, and I think because he got used to the fluid, finally he wanted to suck the bottle by himself, hope it helps.
My 6mth old has had this problem and my paed also sugested Brown sugar we gave it to her mixed in bottle of formula or water half teaspoon twice daily and because it was sweet she didnt mind it to much and it worked a treat also at our mothers group decussions 1 mum also used gastrolyte (check with Pharacist as to which 1)recommedend by her paed.
good luck...
hi I also had problems when abbey was younger and even now she gets a bit blocked up. I have pretty much always used brown sugar - just a teaspoon added to her bottle of formula or with 20mls of water once a day. She usually goes within a day of having it and i think it also helps to soften it up (but don't quote me on that)If she hasn't gone by that day I give another teaspoon the next day. Only I try not to do it too often cause they can get used to the taste of the sugar and want it all the time. Banana seems to be the culprit these days but earlier it was because i made her formula too strong ( i thought you had to pack it in the scoop - you DON'T!!) Good luck!
HI - This might be a silly question but are the tinned prunes - whole prunes? so what did u do to tell? stew them?
poor chicken ,
we had the same problem, try adding some prune juice to her morning feed you can get it from coles or safeway, sunraysia make it or else just stew up some prunes in lots of water and give that to her with brekkie

if you make her meals quite runny the extra water thing shouldn't be an issue , unfortunately sometimes they take ages to come around to the water idea

good luck
Hi... my 'magic wand' would be sugar water. My son was constipated when he changed from breastmilk to formula, at six weeks old, and he didn't poo for ages. One of my books suggested some brown sugar (not raw) in 30/50mls of water. This works a treat. You have to make sure they drink it all. I heat the water slightly, so it's tepid, not cold, and he is a major sweet-tooth now. He's 10weeks old and when i think he's having a little bit of trouble 'poo-ing', i just give him a little bit of sugar water, and it works.... Also, i have started diluting his formula just a little bit, and have found that that helps too!!!.

Good luck!!! x


Hi my 6mth old was constipated this week - screaming in the middle of the night, i fould this stuff at the local chemist _ coloxal drops 10 drops three times a day (i added to food as Ella is BF) within 24hirs she pooped with ease. worked a treat.But i have to admit i'm not sure how long i should keep giving it to her for. everyone has given some great tips though.
Hi, I have taken to keeping a pack of pitted prunes in the cupboard. Although Henry doesn't get constipated often, its good to have, just in case you don't have any coloxyl... which works wonders too and they cant taste it if you put it in their food!

I found I had to force Henry to start drinking water when he was about 4 months. I tried about 4 times a day for about 2 weeks before he actually drank more than a few sucks... I think it was because he had never had anything but milk, it was so different for him... and also, keeping the water lukewarm seemed to help. He has only now, at 10 months, started to drink cold water from the tap or fridge....

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thank you!! how much sugar do u put in the 50mls of water?? that was actually something i just started to do and wasn't sure if it was ok was to water down his formula - if he has 3 scoops in 150ml water can i put in about 180ml water still with 3 scoops??
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