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Won't eat anything Lock Rss


My baby is seven months and one week old and I am having a real struggle getting him to eat anything solid. I have tried all the usual foods - rice cereal, stewed fruit, yoghurt, veggies and more, and he just shuts his mouth, turns away. On occasion he opens his mouth but after the food goes in, it just dribbles down his chin- he pulls faces and chokes a lot. The child health nurse told me to try him with finger food, but he just plays with it. He has never put anything in his mouth apart from his own fingers.
He drinks between six and eight 200-240 ml bottles of formula and has now started waking in the night hungry, so I know he needs solids. To cap it all, he has been constipated and now has an anal fissure.

Can anyone help?
ok, so I dont know exactly what u r goin thru.My son eats like a horse, but when he is teething I cant get a thing in! Perhaps u ahve started solids at the same time he is teething. If not try just a little and get what u can in and do it a few times a day . even just one spoonful. Eventually he should start to learn how to swallow it properly and will want more.
I dont know if this will help, but by 7 months he should be eating at least 2 meals a day. He obviuosy wants the food if he is wkaing up at night for extra bottles, but perhaps h is teething or maybe take him to the docs to see if he doesnt have a sore throat or something.
I dont know if this will help. Oh try mixing fruit with rice cereal, like apples and cereal, or suing banana or egg custard.. perhaps that will get him goin...
ok goodluck!

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Hi, My DD is 11mths & has never taken to eating solids,i have been told to cut her bottles down to 180ml & only give her 3 a day,(she is having 3 at 240ml & 1 300ml)i have not done this yet as i dont think it will make her eat more but i am really going to work on this eating issue as i too am starting to worry that she will only want bottles.So next week i am going to drop a bottle & make the others smaller(not the 6.30pm one,leaving that at 300ml)and fingers crossed this will make a difference.I will let you no how it goes,as i too have been fighting this eating battle for 6mths.Maybe making the bottles smaller will work for you!! Sorry i'm not much help,just wanted to let you no your not alone with this issue. Nikki

I have found that with my daughter that if she drinks alot she won't eat much. Put yourself in your childs place and you drink 6-8 1litre milkshakes a day (I chose a litre because our tummies are bigger) you wouldn't want to eat too much. Thats what they do for the slimming fads with the drinks as food replacement.
Just try cutting out some bottles I have been told that they shouldn't need more than 600mls a day plus 2-3 feeds. Do it for a few days a little bit of hunger my be the thing you need. An old saying is "Hunger makes the best sauce".

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Hi Suzy,
it must be so frustrating trying all these things. I can't begin to imagine what i would do if my son didn't eat. He is one of the ones who loves his food. I thought I could offer some suggestions. You say your son likes his fingers, Have you tries putting a bit of vegimite or cheese spread on his fingers. It may just be the new sensation he needs to get use to. After all they only have ever known liquid all their life. You could try putting the same on a spoon & let him play with the spoon (as they explore by putting things in their mouth) or put the bowl of what ever in front of him & let him use his fingers?? It could get messy but hey thats what washing is for.

To help with the constipation I use some prune juice, you can buy it from the shop or make your own.

Hope these help. let me know how you go put on a happy face he will get the hang of it.


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