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Help!allergic to gluten,lactose & soy-on neocate,about to start solids,so what can i feed him??! Lock Rss

my 3 month old son was put on neocate formula by his paed at 3 weeks and has thrived since. (the only downside, the nappy ends gets a little on the nose-resembles gooey vegemite!)but i feel he is itching to get stuck into the good stuff-food! however, because of his intolerances-i have no idea what to give him. does anyone have any ideas or been through the same to help me out PLEASE!!!!ii have searched the web and book stores for recipes but have had no luck

Beck,WA,3 month baby

Why not contact a Naturopath and ask their advice as to what foods you can introduce him to?? They may be able to direct you to a store that sells 'normal' foods without the things he's allergic to in them.

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

Hi Beck. You posted a reply to my post on Neocate today. I am curious about what you have written about your son's gluten intolerance because my daughter is milk and soy intolerant, but I have ceoliac disease (gluten intolerance). I don't know what you have been told, but your son can only be showing signs of gluten intolerance/allergy if he has been exposed to gluten. Most babies at that age would not have been. All of the foods for 4-6 months are gluten free as are the formulas. You could check my advice with the ceoliac society of Australia. They are the experts on gluten intolerance. I am not sure of the number in WA but rest assured there is one there if you do a search on the internet. I have had to keep my daughter gluten free because of my own problems. We have been recommended not to introduce gluten to her until she is 1 year old (she is 7 months now). The reason for this is so that if they react they are a bit older and stronger to cope with it. She has a 25% chance of developing it from me because it is hereditary. The test for gluten allergy/intolerance rely on you actually having eaten gluten, as it picks up the antibodies that are reacting to the gluten. I suppose my gist is that I wonder at 3 months how your son would have eaten gluten?
As far as solids are concerned the gold standard now is 6 months. One problem with introducing solids early is that you can increase the chance of your child developing allergy/intolerance because their immune system may not be adequately developed. The advice given to me has always been to wait because we have a history of allergy in our family. Emma is now on solids - she started on rice cereal only at 5 months and had this alone for some time. She now has meat and veges and fruits, although she cannot have any custards or yoghurts or any of the standard milk or soy things. She has been on Neocate since she was 5 1/2 months and has also had soy formula, lactose free formula, AR formula and every other one that you can think of!!! You could check the Australasian Society of Immunology website. They have a lot of info about allergy and solids etc. I think from memory the address is If I were you I would definately wait as obviously your little boy is going to be prone to allergies if he is on Neocate. If you start you may regret it later down the track if your child develops intolerances/allergies that maybe could have been avoided. If you really must start solids, the Neocate website has a lot of recipes and info specific to weaning with Neocate. I can't remember the site address but do a search of Neocate and you will find it. From memory it has something to do with the company that makes it in the web address. Sorry I can't be more specific!
As for Emma, she is not yet weaning onto S26. Our paediatrician has said to keep her milk and soy (and gluten) free until she is 1 and then he will challenge her. He will start with introducing just 1 bottle at a time of ordinary formula and wait to see how she reacts. If she is OK he will add another bottle of ordinary formula and so on. I suppose the gluten challenge will be after that. I hope this helps to answer your post. It's funny how our babies are in almost exactly the same situation! There's always someone else out there!!
Best of luck,

Janette, NSW


Neocate sure does give them awful nappies doesnt it. Ella (now 6.5months) was on neocate from about 9wks til 4months but thankfully her body has sorted itself out and she is now fine. I still have to be a little careful about the food i can give her but she can have almost anything.

I'm quite sure that if you mix baby rice cereal with neocate it'd be fine, the pack says its milk, lactose, egg, gluten and yeast free... so that should be ok. Also when Ella was on Neocate i looked on their website and they have a section on starting solids and give recipes for babies on neocate...

Also might be an idea to check with your Pediatrician before starting solids he'll probably have some suggestions. Ours suggested Rice cereal, then pears then apples.. but lots of people will tell you to start vegies before fruit.

Good luck!

Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

I would recommend you try foods by Motherly. They are a frozen baby food and they are gluten, lactose and probably soy free. Look in the freezer section and then have a look at the ingredients panel. They have a website as well This may help.

Hi there

It is sooo nice to know that I am not alone. I have a 5month old that has been on neocate since he was three weeks old and is now such a hungry boy looking for more. My dietician doesn't want anything introduced until he is 6months but that has been absolutely impossible so I have given him Farex and he is also fine with sweet potato & pumpkin. They say to make sure you try something alone for 7 days because it can take that long for the allergy to come out. It is quite technical and I advise you to talk to a dietician! I am currenltly overwhelmed by it because I just can't really give him much else to eat and he is hungry so that is causing other problems like sleepless nights, etc!

by the way.......Neocate is just terrible isn't it!


Leanne, SA, 3 boys

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