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fingers in mouth whilst eating Lock Rss

HI my 5 month old son has started solids and loves them. But as soon as i put the spoon in his mouth he puts his fingers in his mouth. His is just being curious or should i stop him from doing it? I dont want it turning into a bad habit as he gets older. Does anyone elses little ones do that?

kylie,nsw,mum to William & Hannah

Ethan does the same thing, I have been removing his hands while I am tring to feed him and he seems to get the idea that he cant have both. But it can be very tring at times. I think it is just a stage they go through, he always has his hands in his mouth.
Good luck


I think it is a just a stage they go through too, and it's probably best to ignore it or try distracting your boy, he will eventually stop as long as he is not getting too much attention by doing it,



Liam Evan, 2

Have you tried an extra spoon? My son loves to have his own spoon to play with, and whilst it sometimes gets in the way, there is less mess to clean up at the end of the meal! I use a small plastic spoon, with rounded edges, that is heat sensitive ( you can get them from the supermarket)
Good Luck.
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