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feeding baby with reflux Lock Rss

I was just curious about others experiences with starting solids with a reflux baby. Emma is nearly 5months old, I tried giving her some pears after her feed a few weeks ago but it all came back up with her milk a few minutes later. I think she is developmently ready but I want to wait till 6 months.
Is it important to start right when they show signs of being ready or is it ok to wait?

With my first daughter I gave her food before her milk so she wouldnt bring so much of it back up but I have been told not to do that with Emma but I might have to so she actually gets some...

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My baby has reflux, she is 17 weeks old and has been making chewing motions for about a week now, when she sees us eat, so i have tried her on different foods anshe loves it, about a teaspoon a day, she seems to keep this down alot eaiser than the milk. i feed her a few hours after a feed, so she still have a few hours to go till her next bottle, and she seems to keep most of it down. If she has a bottle soon after a feed of solids then it seems to come up more.

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Logan is 3 1/2 months and last week I took him to the paediatrician for a review of his reflux. The end result was that we would play around with his Losec dose and see what happened and if all else failed he said to start him on solids! I thought that you didn't start them on solids until 6 months but he assured me that he had been a paediatrician for 30 years, and 30 years ago they started kids on solids at 3 months and as far as he is concerned kids are no healthier today than 30 years ago... his words not mine! I like you wanted to wait until 6 months so I could exclusively breast feed until then but at this point with Logan's reflux I am ready to try just about anything to rid him of his pain! So as far as if it is important to give them as soon as they are ready or not, i don't really know, but I will keep you posted as to what the doc and I decide to do so far as introducing solids to my little chucky one.

Logan 03/05/05 Lily 06/11/06

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