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Routines for 7 month old inc solids Lock Rss

Hi there,

Just wondering what peoples routines are for 7 month old babies, including solids.

Thanks Ella's Mumma
hi there!
peter is 7 months and this is his routine

he wakes up around 7-8 he has a 240mls formula he goes back to sleep about an hour after his bottle and a poo
he then will wake up and have half an hour play time b4 his next meal around 11-12 which is cereal and the rest of his milk from that which is about 160mls
he then has more playtime for about 2 hours then a sleep till his next meal around 3-4 which is some fruit or vegies and a bottle of 140mls he then has an hour or 2 sleep then awake for a jolly jump and a poo (some days) and a bath
then for his last meal around 8-9 he has 240mls of formula and his vegies he then stays up for about an hour then has his big sleep
lol i think thats all of it

mum of peter 25/12/04

Hope this helps

Will's routine at 7 months was
6.00 am awake /bottle
7.00 brekkie- weetbix
8.00-8.30 sleep, usually for 2 hours
10.00-10.30 bottle
12.00 lunch of fruit and yoghurt or custard
12.30-1.00 sleep usually for 2 hours, sometimes1/12h
3.00 bottle
5.30 dinner of vegies then custard
6.00 bathtime
6.30 bottle
6.50 storytime (been reading to him since birth)
7.00 bedtime

He's 9 months now and his routine is much the same except his sleeps are about 3 hours apart and he has half bottles in morning and afternoon. I use Tizzie Hall's routines at I find they really work for us.

Joh, Will's mum

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