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No milk!!! Lock Rss

Hi all...

Im having trouble with Isabella not drinking her 3 bottles for 3 days now! She is on cows milk and everytime she sees the bottle of milk coming for her she crys and pushes it away. So this morning I put milk in her sippy cup and she had a couple of sipps til she realised what she was drinking and pushed it away!
Im worried she isnt getting enough fluids. She drinks plenty of water but doesnt add up to 3 bottles of milk.
I just dont know why she has suddenly stopped drinking her milk. She is teething but with her first 4 she never complained..

Any ideas on how to get her to drink her milk again would be great & why she is doing this!!!????

Thanx in advance!!

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl

hmmm... i havent heard this before! but if she is on cows milk all i can suggest is putting something in it to give it a different flavour to change it, like put a small amount of fat free chocolate powder? or some nestle quick, topping even. Just something small to give it a little bit of flavour. It might make her go back onto it because she doesnt realise its not milk?!?!

GOOD LUCK hope this helps. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Just wondering how you went with the milk intake, did it improve? My 11 month old son, Kane is going through the same thing, at 10 months he refused his afternnon bottle & has just suddenly rejected his morning bottle, he will have formula mixed with his cereal, will eat lunch, pm snack & dinner, which we include yoghurt, & cheese. The only bottle he will take is the one before bed which he take between 180mls - 220mls. He drinks around 250mls of water a day. I just worry about his fluids intake, any suggestions? Is it a good idea to start cows milk? Its so confusing!

Lin 11mth boy

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