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Feeding a nearly 5 month old baby Lock Rss

Hi Everybody,

My son is 5 months old in a week. Just wondering how other's around his age are fed. Like how many times a day, before a bottle or in between feeds? At the moment, Ethan is having 2 feeds per day. He still wakes early hrs in the morning for a bottle so when he wakes up for the day, he either drinks a little bit of a bottle or just plays with it. So instead of trying to get him to drink a bottle I give him some solids, usually apple, pear or banana then he'll have a nap and usually have a bottle after waking up.

But then his next solid feed is in the afternoon usually around 5-5.30 then he'll have a bottle an hour to an hour and a half later. Does anyone else to the same kinda thing. Cause I have read that you're suppose to offer bottle then solids then rest of bottle. I'm just going with the flow on what Ethan likes but just wanting some opinions. Also when should when we move to 3 feeds per day??

Thanks Kasey

Natasha started on solids when she was 5 months old. We started with one feed a day for a month by that stage she was having most of what was offered. When she was 6 months we started her on two meals a day she was polishing those of by 6 1/2-7 months old so then we moved on to three meals.
The child care nurse instructed as below to start:
breakfast - milk
mid-morning - rice cereal or veges
rest of the day - milk
When she started showing that she was still hungry after her morning bottle have the cereal first followed by milk.
For the second meal introduced at night time for dinner but still have a bottle before bed.
This regime did work for us Natasha has a very good apetite and is not a fussy eater at all. Slower is better as it consolidates the childs interest in food.
Good luck.

Mother to 2 + 1 soon

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