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11 month old very fussy with food!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
For the past 2 weeks Jackson has eaten hardly nothing. Im getting very worried. He will only eat custard or yoghurt. And his apricot porridge. He will eat the smallest amount even finger food. Im getting very upset as all the food I make him goes to waste. He has now got a cold and breaking his 7th tooth. I just cant see this getting better.
Has anyone got any ideas? How long will this last?
He still loves his bottle though. 3 times a day.
He doesnt snack during the day either.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Hi Michelle,
I haven't been through this with my daughter (YET!) but perhaps he's been off his food because he's teething and also a bit run down? If he doesn't pick up his eating again once he is feeling better or once his tooth is through perhaps you might take him to the clinic just for a check to make sure eveything is ok. You might also try offering him some finger food between meals and see if he takes this. I have a great recipe for some high iron baby museli biscuits which my daughter loves. It's a great way to get more iron and other goodies into her system.
Let me know if you want the recipe.
Good luck

Rachel, 20mth girl + 1 on the way

I had the same problem. I had my son eating a variety of everything, vegies, fruit, sandwhich, weetbix, yoghurt, cheese and having his bottle as well and then he hit that 11 month, 12 month stage and rejected his bottle, would only drink water, would not let me spoon feed him unless it was yoghurt and would only eat toast and vegemite for brekkie, a yoghurt and maybe fruit for lunch and bread with jam or cheesespread on it for dinner. i got tired of making meal after meal and having the tantrums so i just gave him what he would eat, but he didn't have anything sugary or too fatty.

I checked with my doctor several times and he said all was well, just make sure he is eating something everyday.

He's now slowly started branching out and at 17-18months has started to want really different foods. Still won't eat vegies, but i have managed to get him to eat ham, turkey, cheese and cereal again. I think they just need time. be patient. I actually found that if i served him somehting and he didn't eat it then i didn't make anything else. he soon caught on that what i gave him was it.
Hi Michelle,
With a cold and teething, it isn't uncommon for babies to go off their food. Just keep offering the food to him in small amounts, even if you have to do this more then breakfast, lunch and dinner, and continue with as much milk as he wants to drink. At his age, he wouldn't know how to Starve himself, so don't be too concerned. Babies/toddlers will only eat when they are hungry, and if he isn't feeling the best, he may not want to eat. Keep an eye on his weight, and if he is starting to lose to much, take him to the doctor. If he doesn't have a temperature, or any other health concerns, it is proberly just the fact that he is teething and has cold at the same time. Just give him plenty of love, but if you are really, really concerned, take him to the doctor now, for your own piece of mind. Take care,

Mother of 3, Qld

Thanx everyone who answered my post,
Jackson is getting a little better with eating now.
His 7th tooth has come through and another on the way. Luckily he didnt go off his bottle(never).

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

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