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Weetbix Lock Rss

Hey guys
Well i give up monique is still refusing the cereals i ahve tryed mixing it with fruit and u name i have done it so now i am wondering at what age can you give them soggy weetbix thinking that might be worth a try.

Sorry guys forgot to say she is 6 months old next tuesday

8/9 mths for weetbix. I rang sanitarium to ask


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

I started giving my bubba weetbix at 6 months and he was fine with it. I just made it really watery to start with until he adjusted to the texture. It didn't make any difference to his poo's so we went with it.

Joh, Will's mum

I started my son on weetbix when he was 6 months because my doctor should it was fine. He started with 1 weetbix with full cream milk and I put it in the microwave for 20 seconds. He loves it. At nine months he eats 1 1/2 weetbix and eats them for brekky every day. I never used rice cereal as I don't like it and I don't like the tin foods either.

I think you should give weetbix a go.

Cathy, Matty 17.11.04 Joshy 31.12.09

i've been giving my daughter weetbix since she was about 8 months, but i alternate with Farex Baby Muesli with apple and porridge (i think thats what its called - or something similar). she loves the muesli and its high in iron and stuff like the rice cereal, but she wouldnt have a bar of the rice cereal.
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