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Baby eating solids but still Small Lock Rss


Just wondering if there are any other mums out there who have small babies.

MY daughter is 91/2months old and weighs 6.2kgs
She is a breastfed baby and has been on solids since she was 4 months old but just doesn't seem to be putting on alot of weight. She was only little when she was born (2.1kg). The doctors can't find a reason why she is so small, she eats 3 meals a day plus snaks anybody out there with the same problem or with any ideas?

Renata,QLD, Madison 10 mths

Hi Renata,
If your daughter is still gaining weight regularly, then it is proberly just that she is going to be a small child. My neice is the same. She is now almost 4 years old (end of March this year), and can still easyily fit into size two clothes. In fact size 3 is way too big for her. She was only a tiny baby when born, and didn't eat much, but she is very healthy and gains weight although very slowly. My sister-in-law has currently got her on vitamins, just to make sure she is getting what she needs, as she still isn't a big eater. Hope this ables you to relax a bit, knowing that you are not alone, and you are doing a good job and being a great mum.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi Renata, my bub is also small compared to the others in my 1st mums group. He is nearly 11mths and only just 7 1/2 kilos. I use to stress as sometimes he use to lose weight (due to reflux) and then only put on 10grams in a fortnight! All the other bubs in our group are two-three months younger than him and all weigh heaps more. As he was exclusively breastfed i decided to give him a top up bottle of formula every day which has helped, he hasn't lost any weight anyway! I no longer stress and put it down to genetics!!, i was also a small bub and my dad was only three pound when born, now he is 6ft, so don't worry.

mum of 1

Thank you
Both those of your cases make me feel alot better. Madison doesn't loose weight but she gains weight very slowly she is always being mistaken for a 6month old baby when she is really almost 10 months old. I try not to worry about it as she is eating alot and still having her breastfeeds, but then someone will say how small she is and I start to worry again. I would like to give her a bottle of formula but she won't take it she's just not interested. I to put it down to genetics as I was a small baby and so was my mother and growing up as a child I was always under weight now I am 5"8. The main thing is she is a very happy contented baby.

Renata,QLD, Madison 10 mths

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